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Encaustic Tile

Encaustic tile’s color is “burnt in,” sometimes as deeply as a quarter inch into the substrate. It’s almost indestructible (it’s often used in exteriors) and has a beautiful matte finish. Unfortunately this tile can be extremely expensive, especially the tile manufactured in England.

The encaustic tiles below are the kind I most often find in Brooklyn. I’ve been told they are copies of English tile and manufactured in the US . It was not easy to find replacements for them, at least for a reasonable price. I did find one company, however: L’Antiquario Tile in Florida,

encaustic tile brookly victorian tile

Bed-Stuy Entry

The tiles below, at least for my taste, are some of the nicest I’ve seen, and they’re quite reasonable. (Also from L’Antiquario Tile.) They are Flemish made around the beginning nineteenth century. There can be some irregularities in them, but I think that is part of their charm. Also, a good tile setter can lay them out to ease transitions between light and dark. The bathroom below was built from scratch, but the tile gives it a very genuine nineteenth century look.

Bed-Stuy Bath Renovation

Below is another type of encaustic tile, also very reasonable. It’s made in Morocco. It works best, I think, in a semi-formal or informal setting. I used it here in the little entrance of a carriage house.

morrocan tile encaustic brooklyn

Brooklyn Carriage House Entry

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