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Encaustic Tile in Havana


Most of these are the entries to small apartment buildings in Havana.

Marble, probably imported. Cuban marble is a dull grey color.
Terrazzo: I like how there are two different types next to each other.
Yellow encaustic in the upper right. Mosaic and subway tile in the bath. This is Hemingway's house in the countryside just outside of Havana.
Tile in the Hemingway house leading into the study.


A bookstore in Old Havana


3 Responses to “Encaustic Tile in Havana”

  1. Thanks for posting these photos of old beautiful tile. Most of us won’t get to Cuba any time soon, so thanks for sharing. The tile in the Hemingway house is especially lovely. Best wishes, Lundy

  2. Jose Mason says:

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  3. admin says:

    Thanks for the comment. I noticed that one of the tiles you sell looks quite a bit like the tile in the Hemingway house. Nice to see that these type of tiles are still available. Best wishes, Gavin

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