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Ingrain Carpet

Below are some pictures of Ingrain Carpet caught “in the the wild” at Lincoln’s house in Springfield, Illinois. Like the Venetian Carpet of my earlier post, these are made on jacquard looms. I have always thought of wall to wall carpet as a modern furnishing, something to be found in a the ranch house or in Econoline vans with shag rugs, but it seems that the Victorians were doing it first.

Ingrain carpet lincoln house springfieldingrain carpet victorian carpet linclon house springfield

As can be seen below, the carpets are woven in 36″ strips and then woven together. A company called Family Heirloom Weavers still makes these patterns.

ingrain carpet lincoln house

ingrain carpet lincoln house

Ingrain carpet also makes very nice carpet tread. I used it below in a job in Brooklyn.

victorian brownstone brooklyn stair carpet ingrain gavinyoungmaloney builder

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